The Witch King

Photography by Bernice De Leon-Yumul

I made this piece for Gallery Nucleus' OUT OF THE SHIRE: A TRIBUTE EXHIBITION TO MIDDLE-EARTH. I was (and I still am) a very big fan of the Lord of the Rings franchise when I was in school, so when Nucleus asked me to be part of the tribute show I immediately said yes.

Here's the Witch King of Angmar in all his geometric glory. :) I worked with the boys (Edward & Jason) in this piece. The materials used were sintra, wood and acrylic.

Some sketches and WIP of the sculpture. I wanted to incorporate my illustration style in the final piece.

Additional Images of the Sculpture. The whole thing is angular in nature and it's pretty much the same as the sketches I made. I wanted the final piece to look menacing and mysterious at the same time. Having a hollow face achieved this.

Work Dimensions: 14.5 x 13.5 x 8"

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